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Visual Field Eye Testing Helps Set Up Baselines for Care

Visual Eye Testing Abrams Eye InstituteGiven that Abrams Eye Institute has seen and helped thousands of patients, and Dr. Jack Abrams serves as an Emergency Room eye surgeon, the practice understands that vision problems don’t always have obvious symptoms early on.

Fortunately, that’s where visual field testing comes in, as practiced by Abrams Eye Institute with our patients throughout Southern Nevada.

Visual field eye testing analysis enables the practice to detect early symptoms of vision problems such as blind spots, glaucoma, and retinal disease, as well as life-threatening conditions like strokes. The earlier these issues are detected, the better for the patient’s to enjoy better treatment outcomes.

How Visual Field Eye Testing Works

A visual field test is a method used by Abrams Eye Institute to measure the entire scope of vision for a patient being tested. Scope of vision includes central and peripheral (side) vision. A successfully applied visual field test can maps the visual fields of eyes, while also detecting blind spots and areas where vision in an eye may be limited.

When To Have Visual Field Eye Testing Done

Visual field testing is often used by the Abrams Eye Team to detect signs of glaucoma damage found in the optic nerve. Visual field tests are also useful for detecting central or peripheral retinal diseases of the retina. The test can also identify eyelid conditions such as optic nerve damage, drooping, and damage to visual pathways from optic nerves to the brain where information is processed from the eye into vision.

Whether or not you’ve noticed problems with your vision (but especially if you have), if it’s been a while since your last appointment, now is a great time to schedule your next one. We’ll take a look at those eyes and determine whether a visual field test is right for you.

What Kind of Visual Field Eye Tests Are There?

There are many kinds of Visual Field Tests, and the right choice of examination is done based on different factors with regard to your vision and health. These tests include Confrontation Visual Field Testing, use of an Amsler Grid, Static Automated Perimetry, Kinetic perimetry (such as Goldmann perimeter) and Frequency Doubling Perimetry. Again, the type of test will be determined by the team at Abrams to best achieve desired results.

How Can We Help?
Dr. Jack Abrams and the team at Abrams Eye Institute would be happy to schedule and Visual Field Test for your eyes, and we can also help you with everything from simple eye exams to eye surgeries such as Laser LASIK. Find out how we can help today by calling 702-304-9494.