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Living in a dry climate like ours in Southern Nevada can have drawbacks with how our bodies react to wind, heat, cold and dry air. A significant challenge for many in our community is dry eyes. While some think that dry eyes are just part of life, they actually can be treated. Treatment for dry eyes is something that Abrams Eye Institute started doing with new technologies and techniques nearly two years ago with our Dry Eye Center. Our team shared the following questions and answers from discussions they’ve had with people interested in taking care of their dry eyes.

Dry Eye Treament at Abrams Eye Institute

If your eyes feel like this, Abrams can help treat dye eyes with different options available.

Do I need treatment, or will my dry eyes be OK on their own?
As noted before, dry eyes may seem like something that’s just part of life in the desert, but it is not. Over the past 15 years, research has revealed that the leading cause of eye discomfort for more than 86% of patients with dry eye is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). MGD is a disease best detected in its earliest stages and then managed to limit progression. This is good news in that your dry eyes might not be something you just have to deal with – you can get dry eyes treated and leave problems associated with them behind.

How does Abrams Eye Institute treat dry eyes?
The team at Abrams uses a variety of approaches to treat dry eyes including OTC eye drops, plugs, Restasis and or Xiidra and LipiFlow depending on what they specifically need. Should Lipiflow be the best option, Abrams Eye Institute uses a procedure designed to treat the root cause of Evaporative Dry Eye, blocked Meibomian glands. Opening and clearing these blocked glands can allow them to resume natural production of lipids (oils) needed for a healthy tear film. Some treatments attempt to add more liquid to your tears, but without the complex natural oil, tears continue to evaporate faster than produced. Our treatment addresses the root cause and lead to longer-term success.

How does the dry eye treatment process work?
At the heart of the treatment of dry eyes at Abrams Eye Institute is the Activator (eyepiece). The Activator uses patented, precisely controlled heat applied to the inner eyelid with adaptive pressure encouraging your body to restart the natural production of lipids (oils) needed for healthy tears. Its single-use design and built-in sensors ensure a safe, sterile treatment. The treatment is performed right in our clinic, and in some cases, on the same day as your evaluation. LipiFlow unclogs oil glands which protects the water layer on the eyes keeping them lubricated longer.

What makes Abrams Eye the best option for treating dry eyes?
Dry eye treatment is done in the office at the Abrams Eye Institute Dry Eye Center of Excellence. The dry eye treatment is not painful. In fact, most people think of it as a massage for your eyes. We’ve conducted hundreds of successful dry eye treatments and are one of the leaders in the nation in how many patients we’ve treated. Our treatment can help almost anyone, but is especially effective after LASIK or cataract surgery to help sooth surgically repaired eyes.

Have Abrams Eye Institute patients benefited from the dry eye procedure?
We’ll let a happy patient tell this story for us:
“It works! My life was taken over by dry eye syndrome, corneal erosions resulted in corneal derailment – most painful experience I have ever had! Now after a month ago my eyes have improved weekly, the feeling of moisture in my eyes again is wonderful!! Now I see light at end of tunnel! The treatment & support I received during my treatment & I after care was fantastic! I have got my life back!!”- Judith L

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