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Phacoemulsification or Traditional Cataract Surgery Provided by Board-Certified Las Vegas Ophthalmologists

Abrams Eye Institute performs traditional cataract surgery – phacoemulsification – with the most modern advances in technology and approach.

Cataracts are the leading cause of eyesight loss for adults aged 50 years and older. This debilitating ailment can be treated, however, through the guidance of an ophthalmologist.

What is a cataract? In a normal eye, light passes through a clear lens before it reaches the retina. The lens focuses light on the retina, which helps us to see. In an eye with a cataract, the lens becomes cloudy which distorts the rays of light, thus distorting one’s vision.

Cataracts are caused by certain changes in the chemical makeup of the eye lens. Age is certainly a contributing factor, however, other factors could be at play, such as certain eye injuries, reactions to medications, or side effects to diseases such as diabetes.

Surgical procedure and expectations

Regardless of the cause, cataracts will not improve if left alone and must be treated by an ophthalmologist. Traditional cataract surgery is an effective treatment method for this ailment. Most forms of this surgery are performed through a tiny incision, less than an eighth of an inch long. As a result of modern advances in surgery, no stiches are needed, less recovery time is required, and your chances of post-op infections are minimized.

It’s important to note Medicare and the majority of health insurance policies cover traditional cataract surgery if performed by a qualified ophthalmologist.

An alternative to manual (traditional) cataract surgery is the use of femtosecond lasers. These lasers replace many aspects of manual surgery, including the creation of the initial surgical incisions on the cornea, the creation of the capsulotomy, and the fragmenting of the lens.

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Are you suffering from cataracts? You’re not alone.

The Center for Disease Control estimates that over three million people have cataract surgery each year, and 20.5 million adults over the age of 40 struggle with cataracts. If you’ve noticed a change in your vision, particularly the onset of cloudiness, it’s important to seek the guidance of an ophthalmologist, who can provide you a comprehensive eye exam.