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Dr. Abrams helps you understand your eyes and aging.

Dr. Jack Abrams and his staff often get questions from patients about their eyes and aging and what happens as they get older. This includes the need for options at certain ages for Laser LASIK Surgery to discovering options for laser cataract surgery as people get older. Patients also wonder about what to expect with vision changing. This can include challenges they may face with simple things, such as eyes becoming more dry, to wondering about whether or not it’s safe for them to drive their cars at nighttime.

To help answer a few of these questions, the team at Abrams Eye Institute came together to create some insights and guidelines about what to expect with your eyes when you’re in the following age ranges:

Your Eyes in Your 20s and 30s
Your Eyes in Your 40s
Your Eyes in Your 50s
Your Eyes in Your 60s and Up

Again, it’s important to note that we’re sharing top-line information in these pages. We’re always very glad to answer any specific questions you may have. This is important to note, everyone’s eyes are not the same. We may be the same age, of the same background and have the same eye color, but that’s no guarantee that any set of eyes are the same. Certain factors including family history, work environments and previous treatments all can affect your eyes, so it’s best to speak with us to make any final and/or serious determinations about your eyes.

We hope you find this information useful, and that it helps make you aware of what you might expect as your eyes age along with the rest of you.

If you have any question about your eyes, eligibility for laser LASIK, feel free to call us 702-304-9494 or use our on-site form.