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Common Eye Conditions Treated in Our Las Vegas Offices

At Abrams Eye Institute, we diagnose and treat common eye conditions in our Las Vegas offices. Our board-certified ophthalmologists, led by Dr. Jack Abrams, perform comprehensive eye exams to properly diagnose your condition. Once diagnosed, we can offer you a wide range of treatment options, depending on your unique case.

Some of the common eye conditions we diagnose and treat in our Las Vegas offices include:

The Importance of Eye Exams

Many of the most common eye conditions can be easily treated and its symptoms can be managed. However, if left alone, these conditions can worsen, and trigger more severe conditions.

The most effective way to treat any eye condition is to have it diagnosed early on. Comprehensive eye exams performed by the ophthalmologists in our Las Vegas clinic can help you diagnose and treat any eye condition in its infancy. Our doctors and support staff provide a professional and warm environment for our patients. It’s important that you remain comfortable throughout your process, whether you’re undergoing an eye exam or a more complex procedure.

Use the menu to the right to navigate through the various common eye conditions we diagnose and treat in our offices. We take great pride in our commitment toward providing you unparalleled service and results. Set up an appointment today to see how we can help you with your eye condition.