Dry Eye Patient Reviews

The team at Abrams Eye Institute has had great success helping treat dry eyes. Here are some stories from people that have benefited from the simple procedure:

“It works! my life was taken over by dry eye syndrome, corneal erosions resulted in corneal derailment- most painful experience I have ever had! Now after a month ago my eyes have improved weekly, the feeling of moisture in my eyes again is wonderful!! Now I see light at end of tunnel! The treatment & support I received during my treatment & I after care was fantastic! I have got my life back!!”-Judith L

“It works! I suffered for over three years of severe dried eyes. Restasis did not work for me. Finally, I decided to take a different path and invest in the only treatment available. This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”-Rosa C

“I suffered from Dry Eye for 14-years and up until learning about MGD , I was living in what I called “dry-eye hell.” I had to wear sunglasses all the time because my eyes were very sensitive to light. When I walked out of the doctor’s office from my first  treatment, I didn’t need sunglasses. I’ve now received two additional treatments over the course of 4-years. My eyes don’t hurt anymore.” -Connie

“I’ve battled severe dry eye for years, and know first-hand the anxiety and unhappiness that come along with it. Before , there was no safe or effective way to manage my type of dry eye disease. I’ve been having treatments regularly for several years, and I know it’s making my life better, because I think about my eyes less than I have in ages. It’s easier to read a book, stare at a movie screen and enjoy time with my friends and family. Dry eye sufferers have a lot of tools in our chest these days, and dry eye treatment has become the linchpin of my medical regimen.”-Robert K

“I am now at 4 months after my treatment and I feel super! I no longer use eye drops during the day and use limited drops at night. Comfort is what I notice most. The treatment itself was pleasant and it’s nice not to depend on wetting solutions for eye lubrication. I noticed a maximum improvement in my eyes 8 to 10 weeks after the treatment and that has maintained.” -Lynn

“I’ve had dry eye for several years and it evolved to a point where I could hardly tolerate it. I was tested on what type of dry eye I have and found out I was a candidate for dry eye treatment. I got my treatment that same day. The treatment felt very comfortable. Now I have no pain in my eyes, light doesn’t bother me as much, my life is different. I am grateful.” -Patricia

“I have suffered from dry eye for more than 36 months, and spend on average about $100 per month. Dry eye hindered me from enjoying my leisure time and hobbies. I would recommend dry eye treatment to friends with dry eye.” -Wanda A

“Within three days of receiving the procedure, I noticed that my eyes are not nearly as tired, red or watery as they were before. A week later, I noticed significant improvement and as a result, my eyes are not as dry. I can concentrate on completing a task for longer than before.” -Michael P

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