Pediatric Eye Exams Provided in Las Vegas, Nevada

Pediatric eye exams play an important role in uncovering problems with the eyes and the rest of the body. This is due to many health conditions having a negative impact on a person’s vision and the development of the structure of the eye. For example, many conditions that affect the immune system and the nervous system can cause noticeable vision problems. Though diagnosing these problems can be difficult, it is often ophthalmologists that first notice the signs and symptoms of these conditions.

Even a healthy child should have regular pediatric eye exams completed by an ophthalmologist beginning by the age of six months. This first examination will help determine any developmental problem with the eyes. Early pediatric eye exams are especially important, as young children are unable to verbally communicate vision problems or discomfort. Only through a professional exam will most vision related problems in a young child be diagnosed. An ophthalmologist may even be able to uncover the early signs of nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism at this first visit by looking at the shape of the eye. If no problems are found as a result of the initial examination, a second examination should take place by the age of three and examinations should be completed at least every two years afterwards.

When Children Need Frequent Visits to an Ophthalmologist

There are times when a child may need a pediatric eye exam completed more frequently than every two years. A family history of serious vision problems will necessitate a child be examined at least annually. In addition, the development of vision problems, pediatric diabetes, glaucoma or cataracts will make it important for the child to immediately visit our Las Vegas eye clinic for an eye examination to determine the cause and proper treatment of the condition.