LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery, also known as laser vision correction, is one of the most common elective surgeries in the country. It’s designed to repair common vision problems.

In the last ten years, LASIK eye surgery, which stands for Laser-Assisted-In-Situ Keratomileusis, has become one of the most common elective surgeries in the country. Also known as refractive surgery or laser vision correction, LASIK surgery is an outpatient procedure designed to repair common vision problems. It changes the shape of the cornea – the dome-shaped transparent tissue at the front of the eye. It has proven to be highly effective in treating near-sightedness (myopia), far-sightedness (hyperopia), and chronically blurred vision (astigmatism). Recent studies suggest that more than 90% of patients will achieve their desired vision after their LASIK procedure.

The LASIK Eye Surgery Procedure

The LASIK eye surgery, which we perform in our Las Vegas clinic, uses an ultraviolet laser to transform the outer surface of the eye. While many people use the term LASIK to refer to any kind of laser eye surgery, there are really two different procedures that fall under this category: LASIK and Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK). Each varies slightly in method.

In both procedures, a local anesthetic is applied to the eye so that the patient can remain awake. In the LASIK procedure, the ophthalmologist makes a small incision and pulls back the outermost segment of the cornea. This section of the eye is known as the epithelium.

In contrast, the PRK procedure uses a technique known as advanced surface ablation, which chemically loosens the epithelium so that it can be easily removed.

After this first step is taken, the ophthalmologist works with an excimer laser to change the shape of the eye. Many patients see an immediate and dramatic improvement in their vision following the procedure.

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Success Stories

The best way to learn about how Abrams Eye Institute works is through the words of those who have trusted us with their surgeries. Bill and Toby were recent beneficiaries of LASIK treatment by Dr. Jack Abrams: