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Abrams Team Member Now Glasses-Free With Laser LASIK

Laser LASIK success story Abrams Eye Institute

Biatris: An Abrams Eye Institute Laser LASIK success story!

One of the best validators about the expertise, and the results, demonstrated by Abrams Eye Institute comes through the stories about members of the Abrams team who have trusted care of their eyes to their colleagues.  The eye surgery practice now shares an inspiring recent success story from our colleague, Biatris.

Biatris, like many people, had a fear of touching her eyes with anything. For years, she feared putting on contact lenses for vision correction. She didn’t even like the idea of putting drops in her eyes. This led her to live life with glasses she didn’t want to wear.

Working at Abrams Eye Institute for several years helped her build confidence about what was possible with vision correction. This included how safe the eye surgeries were, and how thrilled patients were – like her – that got to ditch their glasses for perfect vision through successful LASIK procedures.

Biatris’s comfort level moved way beyond being able to manage drops and contacts, to having complete confidence in the Abrams team doing her Laser LASIK surgery. This was a huge leap forward for her, and her friends at work were there to support her the entire way. After overcoming her fears, and have successful surgery, Biatris says that LASIK is the best thing she has ever done for herself, and she wishes she would have done the procedure sooner.

Biatris has 20/20 vision and is enjoying her active life with her husband and two boys.  She is a wonderful, hard working mom who is dedicated to living a healthy and active life, which is made easier without glasses. She is a real inspiration to everyone she knows, inside and outside of the practice. Thank you so much to Biatris for sharing her experience! ⁣

Abrams Eye Institute Can Help
Are you ready to live a more active life without glasses or contacts? Are you ready to make the decision to have LASIK surgery like Biatris? If so, reach out to us today to schedule your FREE consultation. While setting up your appointment, we invite you to speak with Biatris yourself to hear more about her story! Call us anytime at 702.304.9494 to learn more. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to stay informed.

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