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Procedure Done For Abrams Team Member Through CareCredit Financing

For some eye procedures that aren’t covered, or fully covered, by insurance, financing options are available. One of which is CareCredit. Many patients of Dr. Jack Abrams and the Abrams Eye Institute have used the program to make treatments such as Laser LASIK possible almost immediately. Tien, a patient of ours who’s also now part of our team, shared her story of using the program to help her, and her husband, improve their vision and simplify their lives.

What vision improvement goal of yours did CareCredit help you achieve?
As a busy working mother, I wanted to simplify my life by improving my vision so I would no longer have to rely on glasses and contacts by having Laser LASIK at Abrams Eye Institute. With my full schedule, saving 5-10 minutes a day not dealing with contact lenses combines to nearly an hour of time saved each week. Feels like a vacation! Also, not having to deal with the stress that comes from being on your last pair of contacts, and needing to order new ones, has been another wonderful benefit. I wanted improve my vision and make life a little easier and CareCredit helped me succeed in both goals.

Did CareCredit help you get better service that you’d have otherwise?
CareCredit has been a lifesaver as I would have probably waited years saving up to have this procedure with an eye surgeon I could trust, like Dr. Jack Abrams.  Friends that got LASIK before me, used to pay all cash to have the procedure done. Having to pay all upfront, resulted in people looking for savings that made them sacrifice quality with the surgeon that did the procedure. I didn’t have to sacrifice quality at all, which is important since you only have one set of eyes.

How did you learn about CareCredit?
Ana at the Abrams Eye Institute was the person that introduced me to CareCredit. I had never heard of the program before she shared it with me, and was glad she did. Ana was well versed on CareCredit and after speaking with her about all the details of the program, I felt confident about using it for my LASIK surgery. My husband was also impressed with the program – we learned about it at the same time.

How was the process of applying and then using CareCredit?
Once I felt good about going forward with CareCredit, Ana managed the process for both me and my husband and it was simple and fast. The entire process took about ten minutes, and Ana made it seem even faster since she’s so entertaining!

Would you recommend CareCredit to anyone else?
YES. YES .YES. To everyone! People SHOULD not have to put ANY surgeries off, they can do it RIGHT now. CareCredit enabled both me and my husband to have a world-class surgeon do our procedures.

How is your vision now that Dr. Abrams treated you?
My vision was a challenge before seeing Dr. Abrams and I was just planning on being happy with any sort of improvement, as anything would be better than where I was before. I came out of surgery with better than 20/20 vision. I am 20/15 in both eyes, and am grateful that the Abrams Eye Institute, Dr. Abrams and CareCredit made that possible.

Learn more about options for eye care with CareCredit Financing, by clicking here or calling 702-304-9494 to set up an appointment with the Abrams Eye Institute.