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Cataract Surgery Success Thanks to Dr. Abrams and the Lensx Laser

By November 14, 2016November 17th, 2016No Comments
Abrams Eye Institute utilizes advanced technology like the Lensx laser

Cataract Surgery Success Thanks to Dr. Abrams and his Lensx Laser

One year ago Dr. Jack Abrams not only performed my cataract surgery , but he also corrected my vision. My name is Dean Anderson and I am one of Dr. Abrams satisfied patients. At the time of the surgery I was 73 years old, I was very nearsighted and had worn glasses since childhood.

How I chose Dr. Abrams may be of interest. I am an educated and experienced engineer with a background in computerized and automated equipment used in manufacturing and medical applications. When my cataracts became a vision problem I did a lot of research on how cataracts are treated.

The scalpel method has been the traditional way to remove cataracts, but after more research I learned of the laser method, a process I was familiar with for cutting materials into precise shapes and medical uses for skin treatments and bloodless surgery. My next step was to identify the proper equipment for vision usage.

My research led me to the Lensx Laser system and those practitioners who had the equipment and were skilled in it’ application and operation. That person is Dr. Jack Abrams. Dr. Abrams, the team at Abrams Eye Institute, and the Lensx Laser system work wonders together.

Since my surgery I have  recommended Dr. Abrams to all of my friends with eye issues. Everyone I’ve referred to the clinic has been pleased, not only with their results, but also with Dr. Abrams personable manner and friendly demeanor.

Best regards. and thank you for your service!

Dean Anderson

If you are having problems with cataracts, call Dr. Abrams at 702-304-9494 or fill out a form on the right. We can help!

Dr. Abrams used the Lensx Laser for Dean's cataract surgery

Dean shares his story of cataract surgery success at Abrams Eye Institute