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My Fascination with Laser Technology

By February 4, 2016December 5th, 2018No Comments

EYE LASER TECHNOLOGYMy medical students and patients often ask me what I like most about ophthalmology; what inspires me after two decades in the field. As ophthalmology has evolved so has my response.

Yesterday, as I was finishing up a full day of surgery, I was asked this question again. My response now is LASER technology.

Throughout the day, I am able to do several cataract surgeries, perform a corneal transplant, place two corneal Intacs and complete many LASIK surgeries WITHOUT the use of any blades. Essentially this means I didn’t have to use any sharp instruments or scalpel. I find these advances fascinating. It provides my patients utmost accuracy and safety. Due to these groundbreaking advances, ophthalmic laser technology has now become my personal passion. I am driven to bring this technology to my Las Vegas patients.

I am focused on always using the latest advances to give the best sight for our patients and our community. I am always seeking to bring the newest and most cutting edge laser technology to my Las Vegas Ophthalmology practice.

I am proud of the fact that we at Abrams Eye Institute are the only practice in Nevada  do laser transplant and laser INTACS. The advantages for the patient are numerous: patients see better, faster, the surgery is more precise, there is less astigmatism, the patients heal faster and I am able to perform a custom cut. The other piece of good news is that many insurance plans cover transplant and INTACS surgeries.

Right now we are offering Laser Lasik Surgery at 25% off through April 15th. Call us at 702-304-9494 to learn about the cutting edge laser technology we have at Abrams Eye Institute. Then you can ask me for yourself why I love laser technology. After your surgery, you will love it too.

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