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Abrams Eye Institute Does Similar Eye Exam For All Patients

At Abrams Eye Institute, our mission is to provide those we treat with the most advanced, comprehensive ophthalmologic services in Southern Nevada, giving the gift of improved vision. We pride ourselves on being Southern Nevada’s premier provider of ophthalmologic services, including LASIK surgery, cataract surgery, and treatment of all common eye disorders.

What makes us successful in our mission is our attention to detail and our approach to finding solutions for problems our patients are aware of, while always looking for possible issues our patients may not know about.  One  test that’s a critical part of our efforts is a pressure test.  These tests, called tonometry, are routine exams that measure the fluid pressure inside the eye. Increased pressure within the eye can be a sign of glaucoma or ocular hypertension, a common and potentially very serious eye problem, if not detected and treated promptly. This issue mostly affects older patients.

The reason we give this same test to our younger patients is that it can detect serious problems for them, as well. To illustrate why we take this test so seriously, we’d like to share a story about how the test saved the life of a younger patient named Alexis in Australia as told by her mom:

“January 2017 I took my then 6-year-old daughter for a routine eye test, along with our other two girls. I wasn’t going to take them — I thought they were all doing well and as a mom I would know if something was wrong. None of our three girls ever complained about their eyes.”

“While doing the eye test, the ophthalmologist did a routine pressure test that they do on everyone. Alexis’ pressure test detected high pressure behind her eyes. The ophthalmologist wanted the test redone. He said, ‘Wow, that’s so high it must be wrong.’ But the pressures behind the eyes were not wrong. They also did routine photos of behind the eyes, which detected swelling on the optic nerve that he felt needed to be investigated.”

The results of the tests led Alexis’ ophthalmologist to immediately refer her to more doctors for additional tests. These tests revealed the need for brain surgery. The surgery was successful and Alexis is now on the road to recovery. Read the full story.

While the Abrams Eye Institute has never had such a serious diagnosis for any of our younger patients, parents should feel confident knowing we conduct these tests to make sure nothing is missed. No matter where you go for eye treatment, we urge you to never skip these tests, or ask for one if it is not offered.

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