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Jack Abrams and Roger Mayweather

Jack Abrams and Roger Mayweather

The eyes of champion boxer and trainer Roger Mayweather have seen some incredible events during their lifetime, including winning two different world championships in two different weight classes, and now they’ll be able to see new events with even greater clarity

Dr. Jack Abrams performed successful laser cataract surgery on Roger Mayweather, who in addition to winning titles of his own, was previously the trainer for his nephew, Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Cataract surgery is done to remove the natural lens of the eye after it becomes cloudy and reduces the sharpness of vision. The surgical procedure done by the Abrams Eye Institute is complete with a surgical laser that creates a circular incision that’s opened to allow for vibrations that break apart the old lens, which is then removed. Studies have shown the laser procedure, as opposed to standard surgery, reduces chances of damage to the eye which can delay or complicate healing.

Roger Mayweather sees better today, than before the surgery, and is pleased with the results. Schedule your laser cataract surgery today. And while you might not box like the champ, you’ll see like one.