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Dr. Jack Abrams and the team are dedicated to the Las Vegas valley community.

Dr. Jack Abrams and the team are dedicated to the Las Vegas valley community.

The Abrams Eye Institute, led by Dr. Jack Abrams, makes giving back to the Las Vegas valley community a high priority through programs that provide education about the eyes and surgical options, as well as through donations that help those in need of all ages. These efforts come under the umbrella of the Abrams Eye Institute Giving Back Program.

Among the public services provided by Abrams Eye Institute, are vision improvement seminars that invite patients to learn about the latest advanced surgical techniques in a comfortable setting the allows for those in attendance to ask as many questions that they have about issues related to eye care.

Dr. Abrams enjoys the opportunity to meet with people who are interested in maintaining the health of their eyes, as well as those looking at ways to improve their vision through a new eye surgery, or a corrective surgery from past procedures done by other surgeons. He also ensures that these discussions are offered at no cost, and without any obligation to use the clinic’s services. The team at Abrams Eye Institute goes even farther in their efforts to help those in need, with free surgeries donated at seminars.

According to the Vision Council of America, 80% of learning is conducted visually and nearly 10 million children go to school with vision challenges that go untreated. Abrams Eye Institute’s community outreach takes this issue head-on, with its Glasses for Classes program that helps set up children for success in the classroom with free eye exams and frames.

Giving back to the community is a regular part of Dr. Abrams’ daily efforts with his service as a trauma eye surgeon at Sunrise Hospital. At Sunrise Hospital, he takes care of those affected with serious eye injuries, and gets them back on the road to recovery.

The team at Abrams Eye Institute also has supported numerous local philanthropic endeavors including food drives for those in need in Pahrump, as well as sponsoring children’s programs such as Little League.

The Abrams Eye Institute is Southern Nevada’s premier provider of ophthalmologic services, including LASIK surgery, cataract replacement, and treatment of all common eye disorders.