Chalazion (Stye) Treatment Options in Las Vegas

A chalazion or Stye is a fairly common eye condition that can be treated within our Las Vegas offices.

A chalazion is a rather common problem with the eye. A cyst forms around the eyelid, which is caused by a blockage in a meibornian gland in the upper portion of the eyelid. Often times a chalazion looks very much like a pimple only with a larger head. In most cases they are painless, but it is possible for them to become infected and inflamed.

Treatment Options

Our board-certified ophthalmologists offer a number of different treatments to rid you of a chalazion. For smaller chalazions, a topical antibiotic eye drop is often prescribed. However, eye drops are only able to reduce the appearance of the chalazion without actually removing it.

In order to remove a chalazion and prevent it from coming back you’ll need your eye doctor to cut and remove it from your eyelid. A local anesthetic is applied to the patient’s eyelid to prevent them from feeling any pain. A small cut is made and then pressure is placed on the wound to prevent any bleeding. The cut is small enough that stitches aren’t even needed. A large one may require stitches after being removed, but they will barely be visible to anyone. The removed cyst will be sent to a lab following the procedure to check for harbored cancer cells. It is very rare for one to harbor cancer cells.

If you are bothered by a chalazion contact our Las Vegas clinic to set up a consultation with one of our ophthalmologists so that you can be informed about all possible forms of treatment.