Correct Reading Vision With KAMRA Inlay

With our KAMRA Inlay procedure, you’ll no longer have to worry about your reading glasses.

Congratulations on considering KAMRA Inlay for correcting your reading vision. The procedure is for patients aged 46-60 who are too busy to fuss with reading glasses. With KAMRA Inlay performed on your non-dominant eye, you’ll benefit from:

  • A long lasting correction of your reading vision
  • Preservation of distant vision
  • Increased vision depth
  • The ability to later undergo LASIK or cataract procedures
  • A completely reversible procedure

The Inlay works by allowing light to transfer from the front to the back of the eye while oxygen flows through the Inlay’s microscopic openings. This provides the ability to focus at near to help give you reading correction.

How does Kamra Inlay compare to other Comparison to other ophthalmology procedures in Las Vegas?

Other corrective vision procedures have disadvantages that KAMRA Inlay does not. For example, LASIK with Monovision leaves one eye with nearsighted vision. You will get improved near vision, but will have diminished capacity to see at a distance over time. Also, people who have LASIK with Monovision report experiencing increased night glare, a sense of feeling off balance and loss of depth perception. Further, the improved near vision that the procedure produces decreases long term.

You may have also considered intraocular multifocal lenses. Multifocal lenses correct near and distance vision, but can result in the appearance of multiple, merging images afterwards. And it is not easily reversible.

What should I expect during this corrective eye procedure?

The minimally invasive KAMRA Inlay procedure is brief. First, technicians take an image of the eye to determine the best location for the Inlay. Next, the surgeon administers anesthetic and antibiotic eye drops. The drops eliminate any blinking and prevent infection. The surgeon then:

  • Inserts a speculum to keep the eyelid open
  • Applies a suction ring to keep the eye stationary (you may feel slight pressure)
  • Uses the laser to make a pocket in the cornea (you may see dancing lights)
  • Places the KAMRA Inlay inside of the pocket made by the laser

What to expect following the Kamra Inlay procedure

Afterwards, you’ll be required to place antibiotics and steroids in your eye for the first week. During the second week, you will only administer steroids. The recovery process can last for three to six months. You may also take tear supplements for dryness.

Are there any risks involved with this corrective reading vision procedure?

Surgeons may need to reposition the Inlay in 1-3% of cases. However, the imaging used prior to the procedure should minimize this complication. Some patients report seeing ghost images or blurriness after the procedure. Most commonly, patients report dry eye. Plugs or medications can help. The most common side effect is night glare, which improves over several months as the brain adjusts.

What are the benefits of Kamra Inlay?

With KAMRA Inlay, you will no longer have to strain to read the newspaper, your phone, or menus. You will no longer have to wear reading glasses or bifocals. Also, you can avoid being “aged” by glasses. KAMRA Inlay will fit your active and youthful lifestyle!

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