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LASEK Eye Surgery – LASIK Alternatives Offered in Las Vegas

While many people may be familiar with LASIK eye surgery, they may not have been introduced to LASEK eye surgery. LASIK eye surgery not only entails a longer period of recovery, but also has a much longer list for eligibility.

People who have a specific eye condition, like thin corneas, would be prohibited from having LASIK eye surgery because this surgery involves your eye doctor creating a flap by removing a layer of your cornea. However, having thin corneas doesn’t mean you’ll have to deal with glasses and contacts forever. You can simply try LASEK eye surgery. With LASEK eye surgery, the cells related to the tissue around the cornea are loosened, raised, and shifted to one side. The ophthalmologist then applies the laser, smoothens the tissue back over, and lets the recovery process begin.

Why LASEK Eye Surgery Is Worth Considering

Relying on glasses or contact lenses is undoubtedly an expensive inconvenience. Therefore, surgeries that can easily and rapidly fix your vision are something to strongly consider. Many people put off visiting their local ophthalmologist or getting surgery because they have such little time. When coordinating around a hectic work schedule, time is of the essence. The great thing about LASEK eye surgery is that the procedure not only takes a short period of time, but recovery is also very quick. Most LASEK eye surgery patients heal after a full 24 hours.

If you’ve been turned down for LASIK eye surgery, or didn’t even bother to look into it because of an existing eye condition, consider LASEK. Contact our Las Vegas clinic and set up a consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists to see if LASEK is the procedure that will improve your vision and quality of life.