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Do I Need a Second Eye Surgery or Surgical Touch Up?

By October 10, 2016November 1st, 2016No Comments

Second Eye Surgery or Surgical Touch Up

Wondering if you need a second eye surgery or surgical touch up after cataract surgery,?  This article explains why you may need a “touch up” to  achieve optimal results.

On a daily basis, I see new patients looking for a second opinion who had a recent eye surgery. They are often   concerned that they have not seen much improvement after their initial surgery at another facility.   While this is frustrating, there is often a good explanation for the lack of improvement. The good news is we can almost always fix the remaining problems and improve the patient’s vision..

For example, after cataract surgery sometimes there is scar formation.  This can easily be fixed using the YAG laser.  The YAG Laser removes the scar behind the implanted lens of cataract surgery and  in essence improves one’s sight. When I use the YAG laser I apply topical anesthetic (eye drops), dilate the eye and complete the laser procedure under one minute.  At Abrams Eye Institute, this laser is done on site without the need to visit a surgery center.

Here is a photo of my patient John being treated with the YAG laser. The YAG laser is just one example of the cutting-edge technology we have at Abrams Eye Institute.

YAG Laser is used to remove scarring after surgery

Dr. Abrams uses the YAG Laser on his patient John. The YAG Laser polishes the cataract lens implant and takes off scar tissue so the patient does not have lingering blurriness following cataract eye surgery.

Don’t stress if you are not happy with your results after cataract  surgery. There are options available to correct issues resulting from previous surgeries.  Abrams Eye Institute can help. Call my office to schedule an appointment – 702.304.9494. We can help improve your vision to the level that you are striving to achieve.

Jack Abrams MD