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Abrams Eye Institute YAG Laser Success Story

By August 24, 2016August 25th, 2016No Comments

Blurry Vision No More Thanks to YAG Laser Treatment

Charles Evans was treated with the YAG laser by Dr. Jack Abrams at Abrams Eye Institute. He allowed us to share his story in hopes of reaching other Las Vegas patients suffering from similar problems.

Charles Evans benefited from a YAG laser procedure.

Charles Evans benefited from a YAG laser procedure.

“My name is Charles Evans. I am 83 years young. I was having problems with blurriness in my right eye. It was so severe that I couldn’t drive anymore. This was upsetting as I cherish my independence.

Another doctor suggested I make an appointment with Dr. Abrams. After I made an appointment, Dr. Abrams examined my eye, then used the YAG laser in my right eve. I walked out of the office with no pain and seeing like I hadn’t seen in years.  I can now drive. As soon as possible I will have Dr. Abrams use the YAG Laser on my left eye.

I have suggested this treatment to several of my friends who have the same visual problem as I did. As I’ve told my friends, another great thing about having this procedure is that it was covered by Medicare.

I can’t thank Dr. Abrams enough for helping improve my vision after my cataract surgery.”

-Charles R. Evans

After cataract surgery, patients get a film over their lens kind of like “scar tissue”. Thirty to forty percent of patients need this film removed anywhere between three months to years after cataract surgery. Symptoms of the film are similar to those of a cataract (blurriness, hazy vision, dimmer colors) but it is not the cataract returning. Cataracts never grow back. Instead it’s this film that can get removed with a laser in the exam room in less than a minute. Patients go home without restrictions.

Call our office to schedule an appointment today if you think you may need the YAG laser treatment.