We love our patients and they love us. We have collected a variety of video and written testimonials from our patients and want to share them with you. Our ophthalmology practice takes great pride in providing the best service with the highest level of compassion for every patient and we’re glad to share these patient testimonials with you.

Video Testimonials

The following are video testimonials of our patients.

Bill, Las Vegas

Bill had previously worked with Dr. Abrams, and his appreciation for his attention to detail lead him to choose Abrams Eye Institute for his own surgery. Bill’s confidence was increased with the knowledge that the clinic is as precise and high-tech as possible. Bill had PRK surgery, and now can read and see distance without glasses.

Procedure: Laser PRK Surgery

Toby, Las Vegas

Toby wanted to live a more active lifestyle, and Dr. Jack Abrams with the Abrams Eye Institute was able to help make that possible for him with Laser LASIK Surgery. Toby’s friends had surgery done elsewhere, and then visited Dr. Abrams to have that surgery corrected, to great success.

Procedure: Laser LASIK Surgery
Recovery Time: 1 Day

Melba, Las Vegas

Melba appreciated the skills and demeanor of Dr. Jack Abrams and that, post-surgery, her version has improved greatly. Melba can now read, see street signs, and feels so much more confident. Her surgery included integration of multi-focal lenses.

Procedure: Laser Cataract Surgery
Recovery Time: 1 Day
Current Visual Acuity: 20/20 for distance and 20/15 for reading.

Bob, Las Vegas

After over 30 years of wearing glasses, Bob loves the new freedom his cataract surgery and vision correction has provided. After a quick and painless procedure, Bob is now able to see both up close and far away. He’s still in the habit of reaching for his reading glasses but loves not needing them. Sunglasses are now his eyewear of choice…but that’s only to compliment his smooth style. He can now enjoy this new visual freedom each and every day.

Procedure: Laser Cataract Surgery
Recovery Time: 1 Day
Current Visual Acuity: 20/20

Mary, Las Vegas

Mary is the type of person who just makes you feel better being around her. Despite her own challenges with health, Mary brings happiness to other people facing health disabilities by volunteering as a clown. Her cheerful disposition is contagious and now that her vision matches her bright demeanor, she will no doubt bless the lives of many in the years to come.

Procedure: Laser Cataract Surgery
Recovery Time: 1 Day
Current Visual Acuity: 20/20

Mark, Las Vegas

Mark studied all the options before deciding on Dr. Abrams. He’s just that type of guy….very meticulous in his work and personal life. That attention to detail in choosing someone to treat his cataracts has proven to be one of the best decisions he has made. Detail and precision are also traits important to Dr. Abrams. His expertise in treating cataracts has made him one of the most sought after physicians in Southern Nevada. And now that he offers Laser Cataract Surgery, that precision can be tailored for each patients individual eyes.

Procedure: Cataract Surgery
Recovery Time: 1 Day
Current Visual Acuity: 20/20

Angela, Las Vegas

After years of teaching at a private academy, Angela relocated to Las Vegas and soon thereafter started having problems with her vision. Because of her age, It came as a bit of surprise when she was diagnosed as having cataracts. But after finding Dr. Abrams she immediately felt comfortable with his manner and professionalism. Although she was scared at the thought of someone treating her eyes, the resulting procedure was easy and smooth. Angela elected to have a premium lens implanted and now sees clearly at all distances.

Procedure: Cataract Surgery
Recovery Time: 1 Day
Current Visual Acuity: 20/20

Written Testimonials

The following are written testimonials submitted by our patients.

Had cataracts in both eyes and severe astigmatism. After his staff makes initial measurements and tests, Dr. Abrams performs all detailed examinations and post-exam discussion. Dr. Abrams outlined my options, and without any pressure, suggested a combination of cataract replacement and laser astigmatism correction for a new blended vision option that really is outstanding. On a second visit, my wife had questions, and he was gracious in taking the additional time, as much as we needed.

You won’t find a more caring and professional specialist than Dr. Abrams. His staff is knowledgeable and caring, and Dr. Abrams will spend as much time as you need reviewing options and answering questions. The surgical center was professional and friendly, and ran like a well-timed watch. Surgery and recovery were uneventful, which is the goal!

Even after one eye’s astigmatism correction needed a second round of treatment, Dr. Abram did not hesitate to order additional tests at his expense and take care of my additional laser correction at no additional cost. He is the best eye doctor around!

Laser Cataract & Asigmatism Surgery

You recently performed the new laser cataract surgery on both of my eyes. I am so pleased with the results. I was very fortunate to be asked to participate in the newly approved technique.

I feel very confident in you and your skills. You have a very impressive background. I found you and your staff were able to make my experience so easy and with so little time involved. I was thoroughly informed before the surgery. Your staff is wonderful too.

I have recommended you to friends and know they will be as happy as I am. Thank you.

Laser Cataract Surgery

I was your patient a few years ago when I lived in Las Vegas. You removed cataracts from my eyes which of course was successful. You were an answer to my prayer – to this day I see glorious things. I thank God all the time.

Recently I lost my job and was forced to leave Las Vegas and move to Ohio to live with my adult son. I always wanted you to know how much you meant to me and how very much I appreciated you and your miraculous hands.

Today I went for my first eye exam since you. Dr. Renee Peterson, O.D. at Target Optical in Niles said my surgery was the best she’s ever seen. She said you’re certainly a master, obviously a lot of experience. I told her I’d pass on the compliment – she smiled and said work this good – he already knows he’s good. I felt you should hear the compliment anyway.

I’ll probably never see you again in this life, but I’ll always carry a part of you with me thru out my life thru my eyes. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

Cataract Surgery

Hello. I was just sitting here looking out of my window at all the trees baring so many different colors of green. As I was enjoying the view; you came to mind.

I felt compelled to express my gratitude which will endure forever. I can never thank you enough for the gift of exquisite vision that your skill, talent, knowledge, and expertise has provided me. Honestly, I can not even express in words how sincerely grateful I am to you. Thank you, sir!

You also made me feel as if I were your only patient. I felt you truly cared about my well-being. When I asked Michelle if you would call me, I expected a long wait as per usual with other doctors, but you called me in less than 5 minutes. Your immediate response was so appreciated.