Keratoconus Treatment with Intacs, Performed in Our Las Vegas Offices

Patients suffering from keratoconus can undergo Intacs implantation, one of the most effective methods of dealing with keratoconus.

Keratoconus is an eye disease that affects the structure of the cornea. As a result of keratoconus, the cornea, which is normally round, will become cone-shaped, which results not only in bulging eyes, but vision problems as well. There is a treatment option available for patients who suffer from this disease. Keratoconus treatment with Intacs has proven to be one of the most effective methods of dealing with keratoconus. We’re proud to provide this treatment option in our Las Vegas offices.

What Causes Keratoconus and Who Gets It?

Dr. Jack Abrams keratoconus treatment

Dr. Jack Abrams details a procedure to help a patient with keratoconus.

Within the eye, tiny fibers of protein, called collagen, hold the cornea in place and keep them from bulging. If these fibers weaken, they can no longer hold the cornea in place. This results in the cornea progressing toward a cone shape.

Studies suggest that keratoconus runs in families, and is more frequent among people with specific medical issues including certain allergic conditions. Some studies suggest consistent eye rubbing contributes to the disease; however, the most common cause is genetics. The symptoms of keratoconus typically begin in the teenage years, although it certainly can appear much earlier or later in life.

Keratoconus literally changes the shape of the cornea, making it difficult, or impossible, for the eye to focus without eyeglasses or contact lenses. If the condition is severe enough, a corneal transplant may be required.

Treating Keratoconus with Intacs

Dr. Jack Abrams Dr. Jack Abrams keratoconus procedure

Dr. Abrams shares potential outcomes for a keratoconus procedure.

Intacs implantation is one of the most effective methods of dealing with keratoconus. The implantation procedure is fast, effective and covered by many health insurance companies.

Made of a specially designed medical plastic, Intacsare designed to be surgically inserted under the top layer of the cornea. Because of the special way in which they are designed, Intacs help to return the cornea to its natural dome-like shape. This helps to significantly improve the vision of the person suffering with keratoconus and can eliminate the need for the more invasive and risky corneal transplant. By using Intacs, ophthalmologists no longer have to remove a portion of your cornea or search for donor tissue to replace it. WithIntacs you simply see better.

Inserting Intacs is a lot easier than corneal replacement surgery. Corneal surgery is a difficult procedure. Even when it’s successful the patient faces many months of recovery. This is not the case with Intacs.Intacs work by helping to reshape the cornea to the way it originally was. Patients can see the difference almost immediately after the surgery and the recovery time is very short. Patients love it because of the many benefits it offers and the ease with which the entire process is handled. Our board-certified ophthalmologists can help you decide if Intacs are right for you.

Not all Las Vegas ophthalmologists have the training and experience to handle Intac insertion. Before opting for corneal transplant surgery take some time to research Intacs and visit our Las Vegas clinic to see if you are a good candidate. Choosing Intacs may be the best decision you have ever made for your eyes.

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