The following are a collection of news stories and videos where Dr. Jack Abrams’ expertise, and the advances surgical procedures he offers at Abrams Eye Institute, has been featured in the press. You can review the stories below to learn more about Dr. Abrams, and the practice.

Media Coverage

Dr. Jack Abrams in David Magazine

Thanks to a revolutionary new technology to treat the most severe form of age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, legally blind people like Yakkar can see again … read more

Dr. Jack Abrams in Eyeworld

Dr. Jack Abrams details advances his practice has made by using technology to treat retinal disorders… read more

Dr. Jack Abrams on KNPR

High school sophomore Christian suffered from keratoconus, a misshaped cornea that can lead to blindness and Dr. Jack Abrams helped Christian’s vision get restored… read more

Dr. Jack Abrams Appears on Telemundo

Dr. Jack Abrams was featured on Telemundo regarding his treatment of a family of six that all have keratoconus. From the story: Familia hispana es atacada por enfermedad visual Esta condición afecta a hispanos en su mayoría en Nevada Click here for the full… read more

CBS 8 Las Vegas: Family of 6 share same eye disease – keratoconus

Dr. Jack Abrams, is featured in a story about a family of six that all suffer from keratoconus, which affects the outer shape of the cornea and can cause blindness. The Abrams Eye Institute completed the first set of surgeries, which are detailed by CBS 8 Las Vegas…. read more

Dr. Jack Abrams on ABC News 13

Dr. Jack Abrams appeared on ABC News Channel 13 to talk about eye surgery, in particular Kamra Inlay, an FDA approved procedure that helps patients read without reading glasses. Here is a video clip with his… read more

Las Vegas Sun: Dr. Abrams Helps Girl Gets Rare Cornea Transplant

The following is from a story that appeared in the Las Vegas Sun. It’s shaping up to be a happy holiday season for a local family, whose little girl was losing her vision until a few days ago — when she underwent a rare corneal transplant. Eye on… read more