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The following was from the parents of a four year old that had scratched his eye. Dr. Jack Abrams examined the boy, and made sure there was no additional damage to his eye, as a follow up to an ER visit.

Luca. after having been treated by Dr. Abrams.

Luca. after having been treated by Dr. Abrams.

“Our son Luca was playing when he slipped and jammed a finger in his eye. After a restless night lead him to an ER visit, the doctor at the ER recommended he see an ophthalmologist the next day to check up on his diagnosis of a corneal abrasion.

After calling Dr. Jack Abrams, he was kind enough to have us come in right away to Abrams Eye Institute where he’d see us as soon as he could. Within 15 minutes of walking through the door, we were in an examination room where a friendly technician gave him some drops to ease the pain in his eye.

Dr. Abrams checked Luca out a few minutes later, with great care and patience with what was a very scared boy. His team also gave Luca a toy monster and a coloring book. With him calm, the doctor was able confirm the ER diagnosis, while making sure there were no other issues with his eye.

Prior to walking into the clinic, we weren’t sure how a little guy would do in such a situation, and we were pleased to walk out with Luca on the road to recovery. Luca was so happy and comfortable, that he was no longer focused on his eye, but on naming the plastic monster the team had given him – that name is Milo.

We’re grateful for Dr. Abrams’ expertise, and how wonderful his team was in helping out our boy!” – Rob & Lisa S.