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Dr. Jack Abrams, eye surgeon.

Dr. Jack Abrams and his team make dry eye treatment simple.

The Abrams Eye Institute’s Dry Eye Center is helping people who once thought dry eyes were just something they had to deal with due to where they live, their age, or other factors beyond their control.

Once patients found out that the condition is treatable, and after having treatment, they’re overjoyed to be able to move on with life without being sensitive to light or suffering from blurry vision or burning eyes. Those refreshed eyes can now enjoy activities they used to avoid including being outdoors, reading, watching TV and other basics in life.

Before patients visit our Dry Eye Center, they want to know how the procedure works. Since the treatment is done in our Las Vegas clinic, some have the misconception that dry eye treatment involves surgery, or might be painful. Those are misconceptions, as dry eye treatment is actually very close to what you’d experience in any rejuvenating spa treatment.

If want to find out if your dry eyes are treatable, our in-office evaluation process guided by the team at Abrams Eye Institute, is quick and easy. We start you off with a questionnaire about issues you’ve been having with your eyes and dryness. The diagnosis then continues with a process that scans your Meibonian glands (the part of the eyelid that produces oil that keeps your eyes fresh). These tests are real-time, and we’ll know immediately if we can help.

Once we’ve determined that the Dry Eye Center can help, we’ll set you up with an appointment for treatment. Treatment, in the comfortable and soothing environment of our Las Vegas clinic, starts with the application of the LipiFlow Activator, which is a safe and gently applied eyepiece. The Activator uses patented, precisely controlled heat applied to the inner eyelid with adaptive pressure encouraging your body to restart the natural production of lipids (oils) needed for healthy tears. The Activator has a single-use design and built-in sensors to ensure a safe, sterile treatment.

The entire process of diagnosis takes only an hour and treatment takes about an hour as well, and you may only need one treatment. Some patients with especially challenging cases may need an occasional additional treatment. The treatment can be life changing, as shared by Judith L’s success story:

“It works! My life was taken over by dry eye syndrome, corneal erosion resulted in corneal derailment – the most painful experience I have ever had! Now after having treatment a month ago my eyes have improved weekly, the feeling of moisture in my eyes again is wonderful!! Now I see light at end of tunnel! The treatment & support I received during my treatment & I after care was fantastic! I have got my life back!!”-Judith L

Jack Abrams and his team at the Abrams Eye Institute enjoy treating patients like Judith, and helping them get back to living a life with comfortable eyes. Call us today to schedule an evaluation at 702-304-9494.