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Abrams Eye Institute Letty Mother's Day

Letty and her mom.

The team at Abrams Eye Institute takes pride in providing world-class patient care for everyone who visits the clinic in search of healthy eyes and improved vision. We’re especially happy to help all the moms who visit the practice, as we know their lives mostly involve taking care of others, while often putting their needs aside. When we see moms come in to finally take care of themselves, we do everything we can so that they can feel well as taken care of during their visit, as they take care of their own families.

With Mother’s Day upon us, of our team members, Letty,  took time to reflect about the profound impact her mom has had on her life, and how much she appreciates all of her the guidance, and how that’s inspired her to be the mom she is herself today:

“Growing up, we didn’t have much money, and a memory I have of my mother comes from Thanksgiving.  One year we didn’t think we’d have a turkey or all of the fixings we usually do, and I remember my mom crying on the phone to someone and me and my little brother just playing outside not really knowing what’s going on. All I knew was we weren’t have turkey. Somehow I never asked how she made it happen, but we woke up Thanksgiving morning to the smell of cooking turkey and stuffing and my mom slaving away with her music on in a great mood – somehow she pulled it off. Things like that are the reason I always feel the need to make things happen for my own kids because my om never lust go without presents at Christmas, turkey at Thanksgiving or a birthday without a cake. For that, I am the strong, determined woman I am today.” – Letty

We hope all the mothers, like Letty and her mom, out there have a great Mother’s Day and every other day, too. For all of us at Abrams Eye Institute, every time we see a mom come in, we promise to make her feel like it’s Mother’s Day every day of the year.

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