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Abrams Eye Institute Hosting Blood Drive to Collect Critically Needed Donations While Raising Awareness

Bloodmobile Appearing at Clinic on February 25th from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The team at Abrams Eye Institute understands that blood donations are one of the critical fundamentals in healthcare treatment. Blood donations can help the injured, premature babies and those with cancer and other illnesses. According to the American Red Cross, 36,000 units of red blood cells are required every day for those in need of blood across the country. SIGN UP NOW to make your blood donation.

Abrams Eye Institute

Join the Abrams team on Feb. 25 to donate.

People may wonder what can they do to make an impact with the need for blood donations so great. The answer is that all the blood needed to save lives comes from individuals, like them, who come together to give to generously to others. Abrams Eye Institute is helping drive more of this giving on February 25, 2020 with the eye surgery and eye care practice’s first blood drive. The blood drive, in partnership with the American Red Cross, is set to be the first of many such events.

“We’re going to be hosting blood donations at our clinic to make the process convenient for people interested in giving, while raising awareness about the need for blood donations and how powerful giving back can be for our community,” said Jack Abrams, MD. “We invite everyone to stop by and donate here, donate later elsewhere, and to always encourage others to help by donating blood.”

Whole blood, which will be collected on the 25th, is the simplest, most common type of blood donation. It’s also the most flexible because it can be transfused in its original form, or used to help multiple people when separated into its specific components of red cells, plasma and platelets. A whole blood donation requires minimal processing before it is ready to be transfused into a patient. If not needed right away, whole blood can be refrigerated for up to 35 days, depending on the type of anticoagulant used. A single donation of blood makes a big impact.

“This blood drive means so much to the team at Abrams Eye Institute and to the American Red Cross, said Dr. Abrams. “Very few people actually get to take an active role in helping to save a life and we encourage them to come out on the 25th and do their part.”

Abrams Eye Institute Blood Drive Details

Bloodmobile @Abrams Eye Institute
6450 Medical Center St, Suite 100,
Las Vegas, NV, 89148

Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020
8:00 AM – 01:00 PM

Register Now for the Abrams Eye Institute Blood Drive

Those interested in donating blood, can sign up for an appointment now, via this link:

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