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laser cataract surgeries

Laser Cataract Surgery Makes Big Difference

Linda had laser cataract surgery with Dr. Jack Abrams. She is thrilled with her results and  offered to share her story about having the surgical procedure.

Linda is thrilled with the results from her laser cataract surgery with Dr. Jack Abrams

“I had been putting off cataract surgery for months and knew it was finally time to take action. I considered traditional cataract surgery but when Dr. Abrams explained the difference between laser and traditional cataract surgery I quickly changed my mind. He didn’t push me into the laser option but clearly outlined how the laser would not only optimize the outcome but would be more comfortable and result in less down time.

The surgery itself was a breeze. I had no pain. I was in and out of the surgery center in 90 minutes! The whole experience was so easy.

Even more amazing are the results! I am now sitting and waiting for my visit a day after surgery and can’t wait to tell Dr Abrams how exciting my results are ! The world is bright and vivid- such a contrast!

During this appointment we also discussed the second eye and he gave me a window but gently suggested I not wait a year. His sweet smile confirmed his opinion .

I am fortunate to have a doctor like Dr.  Jack Abrams. Not only does he have superb knowledge and skill, but what sets him apart and makes him so special is his calming nature. He inspires confidence and allows patients to decide after giving them the facts. He makes you feel that all things are possible for any eye problems you may have.”

If you are considering laser cataract surgery, please call us so we can help answer any questions you may have, or set you up with a consultation. Our office number is 702-304-9494.