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LenSx Laser Surgery Is The Latest Way To Remove Cataracts

By May 15, 2014February 3rd, 2016No Comments

LenSx laser treatments for cataracts in Las Vegas provide a new and revolutionary procedure for cataract removal. In fact, Dr. Jack Abrams was the first ophthalmologist to offer LenSx laser cataract treatment in Las Vegas. Patients undergoing this procedure should feel safe as this procedure is FDA, does not require the use of a blade, and will have up to ten times more precision as a result.


Cataracts can begin as a result of aging, a congenital defect, or because of an eye injury. The eye acts much like a camera, where light passes through the aqueous humor and then to the lens where it is deciphered by the brain as an image. Unfortunately, for those who have cataracts there is a protein build-up on the outside of the lens. This build-up can cause cells to compact together, and once this occurs a cataract is formed which causes the lens to become cloudy and blocks vision.


To being your LenSx procedure your ophthalmologist receives a large, personalized 3-D image of your eye which will aid them with the most challenging aspects of the process, including anterior capsulotomy, fragmentation of the lens, and all incisions. Your ophthalmologist will use laser cataract surgery to then cut a precise incision in the lens of the eye before removal of the cataract is performed.


Please call our offices today to set up a consultation on this new, revolutionary, cataract-removing procedure. We can provide you with the utmost in care for your eyes and can restore your vision with this fantastic new technology!