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Abrams Eye Institute Will Set You Up With The Right Pair of Glasses

Most people may wear contact lenses for the convenience. This includes greater ease of playing sports and the ability to wear sunglasses during the many sunny days enjoyed in Southern Nevada. The team at Abrams Eye Institute understand that many patients enjoy wearing contacts, but also stresses the benefits of pairing contacts with a nice pair of glasses, which can be secured through a prescription you can get during a general ophthalmology appointment at Abrams Eye Institute.

Abrams Eye Institute gets patients prescriptions for glasses.

Get the perfect pair of glasses with a prescription from Abrams.

With all of the benefits of contact lenses, many positive aspects of having a pair of glasses can be taken for granted. Such benefits including giving eyes a rest from wearing contacts, as well as being able to have glasses to account for the windy days – and dust and allergens – that are part of the region’s regular weather patterns. A pair of glasses can also spell relief on extremely hot days when contact lenses quickly dry out Wearing contacts during these conditions can be irritating and even lead to infections due to irritants and the desire they bring to run the eyes with fingers that may not be clean.

“If you wear contact lenses almost exclusively, we do recommend to our patients that they consider getting a pair of glasses for occasional and specific use,” said Dr. Jack Abrams, of the Abrams Eye Institute. “This benefits of glasses holds especially true for patients when they get eye infections from contacts, which can happen not only during hot, windy days but cold dry days during winter.”

As noted by Dr. Abrams, the climate in Las Vegas is one where pollen can be quite prevalent, especially after winters, like this one, that see a lot of rain. Another eye irritant, native to the community and necessary to account for when wearing contacts is cigarette smoke from working at or visiting casinos and other local establishments.

“We see many patients who work in the hospitality industry and who are exposed to cigarette and cigar smoke as part of their daily jobs,” said Dr. Abrams. “For these people who wear contact lenses during work, it’s good to be able to get home, remove their contacts, wash their eyes and then relax with a pair of glasses.”

It’s important to note that glasses and contact lens require different prescriptions, and these prescriptions should be updated regularly. That can done during a regular eye exam, which the Abrams team urges everyone to schedule annually. Even if a prescription doesn’t change, a regular eye exam will confirm that information, as well as account for the general health of your eyes.

For patients that don’t want to wear contact lenses or glasses, Abrams Eye Institute offers world-class Laser LASIK surgery, along with other non-LASIK alternatives for correcting vision. And if allergens or smoke causes dry eyes that don’t go away, Abrams has a Dry Eye Center, to help alleviate that discomfort on a more permanent basis.

Abrams Eye Institute Can Help

In addition to helping you get set up for the right pair of glasses, the team at Abrams Eye Institute can help you keep on top of your eye care with regular eye exams to ensure your eyes are healthy, as well as any eye surgery needs you may have. Call Abrams at 702-304-9494 to see how our award-winning service can help you. Abrams Eye Institute has clinics in Southwest Las Vegas, Henderson and Pahrump.

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