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The Gift of Perfect Vision, with LASIK Surgery, is the Best Gift of All

Give him the Gift of LASIK at Abrams Eye Institute

With Father’s Day arriving this weekend, that means it’s time to find the perfect gift from your family to your husband. Even though it’s technically accurate, the easy-to-find “Best Dad Ever” T-shirt is usually another gift that goes from the back of the closet and into the spring-cleaning pile for donations before you know it. When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your husband for Father’s Day, ask yourself, “What is the one thing men love to do?” First on that list for most men is to fix things! If there is a problem, he has the solution.

But what about finding a gift for your husband that helps solve one of his problems? And maybe a problem that you think he’ll like to solve, but puts the family ahead of his own needs and has been putting it off a result? That problem is bad eyesight.

Does your husband need glasses or contacts to see? If so, instead of buying the husband things you think they’ll like because you do, the team at Abrams Eye Institute suggests buying the perfect gift that will fix his problem. That gift is the gift of perfect sight, thanks to a simple procedure called LASIK eye surgery. LASIK not only solves the problem of imperfect vision, it also solves many other challenges in a man’s life, including providing better accuracy when hunting, getting golf shots to go where they’re supposed to go, being able to see the score of a big game on a TV from across the restaurant, and most of all being able protect the family in case of an emergency, without needing to find a pair of glasses to see.

Would You Like to See if Someone is a Candidate for LASIK Surgery?

Do you think your husband is finally ready to have the vision he has always dreamed of? In Las Vegas, the best Ophthalmologist, and eye surgeon, for your husband’s eyes can be found at Abrams Eye Institute. With a commitment to providing the most personalized care in the region. Jack Abrams, MD, Tapan Shah, MD and Christopher dePalo, DO, are unmatched in their ability to deliver life-changing results with eye care and surgery. Las Vegas Review-Journal has recognized the doctors, and the Abrams Eye Institute practice as one of the Best Ophthalmologist in Las Vegas in 2019.

Look no further for the perfect Father’s Day present, as nothing says I love you like the gift of seeing clearly in high definition for the rest of your life!

Contact 702-304-9494 to schedule a complimentary screening appointment today to see if the LASIK procedure is right for your husband. The Abrams Eye Institute team can also help your husband and your entire family with everything from simple eye exams to complex eye surgeries. Just let us know how we can help!