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Abrams Has Three Eye Care Clinics and Accepts Dozens of Healthcare Plans

When searching for providers for healthcare needs, important factors for people can include finding a doctor or medical practice that’s in their insurance coverage network, as well as one that’s close to their home or work. Often checking off these two factors can come at the expense of quality of care; with choices that can feel more like compromises than confident decisions.

abrams eye institute eye care locations and accepted insurance

Abrams accepts many Insurance plans and has three locations for world-class eye care.

Fortunately, for those looking for convenient and in-network eye care, Abrams Eye Institute practice offers patients both, without any sacrifices in quality. The eye care and eye surgery practice has clinics in Southwest Las Vegas, Henderson and Pahrump that provide easy access, while the clinic’s wide range of accepted insurance plans cover world-class care.

The Abrams Eye Institute Team
Founded in 2005 by Jack Abrams, MD, Abrams Eye Institute provides the most advanced, comprehensive ophthalmologic services in Southern Nevada, giving those treated the gift of improved vision. Under Dr. Abrams’ leadership, the practice has become Southern Nevada’s premier provider of ophthalmologic services, including Laser LASIK surgery, cataract replacement, and treatment of all common eye disorders, along with general ophthalmology.

Tapan R. Shah, MD is another member of the team treating patients of the practice. Dr. Shah brings a wealth of expertise, and impeccable academic credentials to Abrams Eye Institute. Dr. Shah’s accomplishments as a practitioner, and researcher advancing care, have garnered well-deserved recognition and greatly improved the lives of those he has treated.

Rounding out the Abrams team is Christopher DePalo, DO. Dr. DePalo is an experienced ophthalmologist and practitioner with a focus on using the most advanced technologies, paired with compassionate patient care.

Abrams Eye Institute Practice Eye Care Locations
The Abrams team can be found at the following locations, all of which are accessible via the practice’s main number (702) 304-9494:

Southwest Las Vegas
6450 Medical Center Street
Suite #100
Las Vegas, NV 89148

2451 W Horizon Ridge Parkway
Suite #130
Henderson, NV 89052

1470 E. Calvada Blvd.
Suite #300
Pahrump, NV 89048

Accepted Insurance Plans
Abrams Eye Institute accepts dozens of insurance plans, including one supported by AARP, AETNA, Cigna, City of Las Vegas, Culinary, Humana, Medicaid, Medicare, and United Healthcare, among others. The practice also accepts plans for Firefighters, Police, and members of the military. Visit the Abrams website for a full list of accepted plans.

Abrams Eye Institute Can Help
The team at Abrams Eye Institute can help you keep on top of your eye care with regular eye exams to ensure your eyes are healthy, as well as any eye surgery needs you may have. Call Abrams at 702-304-9494 to see how our award-winning service can help you. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to stay informed.

The content on this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of qualified health providers with questions you may have regarding medical conditions.