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People In Certain Careers May Have To Turn To LASIK

By September 4, 2014March 8th, 2016No Comments

It is amazing what has happened in the field of vision correction in just the past few years. The surgical alternatives to eyeglasses or contact lenses almost seem like science fiction at times. Even LASIK eye surgery, which was so revolutionary when it was first introduced, has evolved to the next phase, which is iLASIK. While these developments are important to almost everyone for the progress they represent, they are particularly critical to those whose vision is linked closely to their livelihood.

It wasn’t too long ago that even LASIK-corrected vision wasn’t considered good enough to allow someone who had undergone the procedure to become a fighter pilot; but those days are gone since the results of LASIK surgery have been shown to stand up to speed, altitude, G-forces, and even the wind blasts pilots are subject to when they have to eject. But fighter pilots aren’t the only ones for whom untrammeled vision is a must in the workplace.

LASIK can also open doors for commercial drivers whose vision is so critical, whether they are navigating an 18-wheeler down a stretch of interstate highway, or carefully lining up their rig with a loading dock. Law enforcement officers can also benefit from LASIK corrected vision, since so much of their job is based on their observations and situational awareness. Although their eyesight is often called into question, those brave men and women who officiate at sporting events can definitely use the corrective power of LASIK. Whether an umpire, a line judge, or a referee, those jobs are vision-critical.

Let’s focus for a moment on those who may not want to wear glasses while they work. Actors and actresses may not wish to appear while wearing eyeglasses for understandable reasons; imagine Henry the Fifth entering the stage wearing black horn-rims. LASIK can make certain that scene is never played out in real life.

The bottom line is that LASIK eye surgery can make a world of difference for a number of people in all walks of life. You can maintain good vision with the help of a skilled ophthalmologist. Deteriorating vision doesn’t have to mean it’s time to change careers.